• Studio B3 is where the courage of offbeat design blends with the spirit of the avant-garde to create unique casualwear for those to whom clothes are far more than an attire – they are a means of self-expression.

    Our garments are mostly shrouded in blacks and grays. We believe black is the only constant – the ultimate essence of style.
    The clothes are made in Poland – where the brand was born and raised – with heart and imagination, care and precision, using the finest Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish fabric.

    Unlike any fashion-megastore-type brand, StudioB3 offers a stylistic experience that is both unique and personal. So if you are a self-conscious individual seeking to articulate yourself beyond words or behavior, and you are not indifferent to what your clothes were made from and how, look no further. StudioB3, a bold designer brand, will satisfy your taste and quality needs.