Choreography by Krystyna Mazurówna for the piece by Trzaskowski with the same title
Costumes by b3 studio

In August 2013 during the Summer Jazz Academy in Łódź, the ballet choreographed and performed by Krystyna Mazurówna had its premiere to the song “Nihil Novi” by Andrzej Trzaskowski, with trumpet and chamber orchestra.
The event took place on the stage of the Łódź Film School.

We made the costumes for the “Nihil Novi” ballet using light, transparent fabrics.
Layering, shredding and manual painting allowed us to achieve a similar effect to the sfumato painting technique.
The atmosphere of a smoky jazz club was emphasized by the misty black-gray tones.

Krystyna Mazurówna and Wioleta Fiuk
photo: Mikołaj Zacharow

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